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How would you like to receive a medicinal gift box of naturally antibacterial and antiviral teas and salves, all foraged directly from your very own landscape? We'll supply you with a portion of the edible and medicinal herbs that we prune and trim as a part of our regular upkeep and garden tending services!

Some of these potent herbs, such as mint, spread over the years into lush ground covers, and others, like echinacea, can be split (doubled!) every couple of years, which speeds up the garden's filling-in process.


We love mass plantings with small bursts of color and varying height to keep the "Flowerworks Show" blooming continually throughout the landscape all summer long.


WE NEVER USE CHEMICAL HERBICIDES OR PESTICIDES ON THE LANDSCAPES THAT WE TEND. Organic compost to cover the open spaces is the best way to keep the weeds at bay, along with keen eyes watching weekly and gentle fingertips firmly uprooting invasive weeds one-by-one.


Now signing 1-year & 3-year contracts for regular, year-round maintenance.

Get 10% OFF when you sign a year-round contract.

Plus, get an additional  10% OFF for every neighbor you sign on to our services!


This couple needed a place to enjoy sitting outside, watching the grandkids shoot hoops.


Even at 10,000 we can grow a bounty of fresh veggies! Leafy greens, peas, and all the root vegetables, plus many of the common culinary herbs prosper in our Summit County, Colorado climate. Let us construct & sow a raised bed garden, and then we'll tend to it as part of our regular property maintenance!


When Jon David first moved to Summit and started working landscaping, his coworkers warned him not to contaminate the healthy aspen trees with any orange, discolored aspen tree. No one seemed to know what it was, nor what was the cause, but only that it was SAD -- Sudden Aspen Death.

After diligent research into the problem and much thought and then methodical experimentation towards a solution to the myco-bacterial infection of our beloved aspen trees, JD has a 1, 2, 3 method of aspen life-saving changes that has proven to have a very high success rate, so long as the tree in question is in the early stages of the disease.


In coordination with Breck Stables, Outer Range Brewery & Teague Saves Homes Tree Service, we are making Summit County's richest, black compost.

It's truly an amazing sight to see the steam rising from the monstrous pile of living, breathing microorganisms and worms (and chipmunks) in the dead of winter; and possibly even more extraordinary is to read a thermometer at 70 degrees, only 6 inches deep from the surface on a 0 degree winter day!

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