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Driveways + Front Entryways + Parking Lots + Walkways + Decks

Who could be more trusted to clear your snowscape other than your landscaper? We're so delicate with our equipment that we include free repairs to any landscaping damages due to our plows. That's just one of the many benefits of signing up for year-round services from the Good Life! 

Our machines, truck & trailer stay parked in the Peak 8 neighborhood all winter long, at the ready to clear even the biggest overnight and multi-day snowfalls -- THE SAME DAY. On top of that, our personnel all live in Town of Breckenridge, which, again, allows us to provide guaranteed service even on the deepest of powder day mornings - SAME DAY!

We're fully equipped with articulating snow blades and even an hydraulic snowblower attachment, guaranteeing the most thorough snow removal you've likely ever experienced since owning your Breckenridge home. Specialty tires without chains or studs means your driveway surface will remain in its best condition.

Standard contracts cover 40 snow days from November through April with a minimum overnight or multi-day snowfall accumulation of 4 inches. Extra days may be included as needed. Unused days may be applied towards landscaping items!

If there are cars parked in the driveway, we'll sweep off the windows and clear a path from the front door to the driver door and knock on the door just in case you're still suiting up for the powder day!

Don't miss the chance to get 10% OFF when you sign up for year round Winter + Summer Upkeep!

We look forward to meeting you soon and to growing acquainted with your landscape before the snow returns!

Email us your completed Sign Up Form by August 31st in order to guarantee your snowscape's position on our regular clearing schedule this coming winter!

Read the reviews below and check us out in action if you have any remaining doubts! Here's the link to our YouTube channel:

142 Penn Lode

"It's like watching a NASCAR race crossed with a ballroom waltz in your driveway every snow day - Fantastic!"

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